Cole Sprouse Has The Sexiest Hands I’ve Ever Seen And You Need To Look At Them ASAP

This is Cole Sprouse. He currently plays Jughead on Riverdale — but he’s perhaps best known for being 50% of the Sprouse twins.

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Cole Sprouse / Damon Baker / Via

Yesterday, Sprouse’s Riverdale costar KJ Apa made a very good observation about the actor’s hands on Twitter.

Dam @colesprouse u got nice looking hands just noticed this. Legend

And y’all…KJ ain’t lying. These are some good-ass hands.

The CW

Like, real good.

The CW

Cole Sprouse’s hands……………..hello.


You know that thing where you’re talking to a boy, and he has really good hands, and suddenly you can’t think about anything except how hot it is when a boy has good hands? I guess what I’m trying to say is, Cole Sprouse’s hands have changed my life.

I just keep looking at them.

The CW

My favorite is probably the left one.

The CW

But the right is good, too.

The CW

Ever the modest man, Cole has responded to KJ’s tweet with a joke about their fellow Riverdale costar, Camila Mendes.

@kj_apa Bro those are @CamilaMendes hands, she has very long arms

Well, you know what they say about boys with big hands…

Disney Channel

They need to buy big gloves.

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