First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the White House

Meantime, Melania and their son Barron are believed to visit  White House only on weekends. The president was recorded saying they were considering making arrangements with the family to visit him on weekends since the wife is tending to business. When chaos erupted on January 28, over Donald’s immigration ban, Melanie and Barron remained in New York.

Though Melania still plays her mom duties well, she is believed to embrace the role and responsibilities of a first lady very well. She is believed to be building her team which includes hiring the chief of the staff, a social secretary and the chief of staff.
In a statement, the First Lady said she was putting together professionals who will help her in managing the business at the state house. She continued to express her excitement in bringing together dynamic and gifted individuals who will work together to make the country a better haven for everyone.

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