First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the White House

Though living approximately 200 of miles apart is extraordinary for  president and the first lady,consequently it does not appear to bother Donald. At one time, ABC’s News anchor Mr. Muir asked the president if  by not having Melania aged 46 years, or Barron who is 10years old close to him left him feeling lonely, he quickly responded that it was OK since he ended up working late. In this interview, Trump insisted that the family will soon be living under the same roof. The first lady returned to her New York home only two days after the inauguration,and  have become the first first lady to live away from Washington D.C since 1853.


As of February 2, Melania had not made an official public appearance as the First Lady since January 20 inauguration. Though she was photographed walking down a New York street, the question is; will the First Lady ever move to Washington D.C.?

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