Maisie Williams Just Shared An Unrecognizable, But Funny, Photo Of Herself As Edna From “The Incredibles”

So, you probably know Maisie Williams best as human pie-maker Arya Stark.


Yuck, but also, YESSSSS.

And while we’d probably all crap our pants if we ever met her (Arya) in a dark alley, Needle-in-hand, obviously IRL Maisie is a little less scary and a lot more fun.

maisie_williams / Via

Emoji Lady!! 💃💃💃

Case in point, this hilariously cute photo Maisie just shared of herself compared to Pixar icon Edna ‘E’ Mode from The Incredibles:

maisie_williams / Via

Snapchat filters at their best.

Maisie’s fans, of course, were loving the heck out of the joke, too:

Honestly? Not entirely opposed to the idea of Maisie playing a live-action Edna.


Well, in a few DECADES, anyway.

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