See What The Years Have Done To These Beautiful Stars

We can’t let go of our favorite celebrities, but some of those celebrities eventually let go of themselves. Life under the spotlight can get pretty stressful, and when the spotlight starts to fade, six packs turn to beer bullies and trim figures turn to wild flabbiness. What do they look like now? Let’s just say it ain’t pretty…

Present day Val Kilmer looks like he could play past Val Kilmer’s disgruntled dad. One who is always complaining about his kid’s wild antics, before his back starts hurting and he needs to sit down. Which is pretty funny when you think of it, the guy played Batman back in the day!
Now, he looks like he’d have much trouble doing any physical activity, much less grappling hook rappelling the rooftops of Gotham, No matter how much prep time he had. It would be quite a sight trying to get him into the Batman costume today. The amount of grease required boggles the mind.

But seriously, with all kidding aside, Kilmer is older now, and he is allowed to enjoy the finer things in life without being bombarded with crazy Hollywood diets. We say good for you Kilmer!

Britney Spears’ hit song ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ seems to have become the former pop star’s motto at the all you can eat buffet. But the singer’s not all to blame. She spent two decades in the public eye, had two kids, and plenty of mental health issues (remember 2007?), So it’s not a mystery why Britney Spears isn’t the muscular twig she was twenty years ago.

It’s very understandable, and makes her more relatable to the everyday person. One can only hope that the weight gain and her own self esteem doesn’t bring back her past troubles. We’re in your corner Britney! Do what makes you happy!

Hilary Duff was America’s sweetheart in the mid 2000’s, until she eventually had to grow up. The star has 2 kids and a leading role in “Younger” on TV Land. As far as child actors go, she is still working and doing well for herself. We’re happy for you Hillary.

However, You might want to spend those extra 2 minutes in the morning to pick up something a little better to wear? Or at least literally pick up your kids once in a while. Any resistance is a good work out for those arms. Otherwise Duff has more chances of becoming the D.U.F.F. in her group of friends.

Tara Reid was basically known as ‘That hot girl’ from ‘That movie’. After starring in the ‘American Pie’ movies, Reid capitalized on that status. For a long time Reid was every guy’s summer dream (or maybe even wet dream, ‘cuz ‘American Pie’), But the ravages of times quickly turn dreams into nightmares.

Looking at Reid now, one can only guess which animals choose to nest for winter in Tara’s majestic body. Although, come summer, when the animals migrate back, does she return to her slim toned body? We sure hope, otherwise a sight of this Tara Reid may make any nearby folks wanna migrate far far away for a while.

Director of the ‘Iron Man’ films, and resident ‘Swinger’, Jon Favreau was pretty fit back in the day. He even had an arc on ‘Friends’ playing a guy who wanted to fight in the UFC. Looking at him now, he looks like the guy who bets on UFC fights, professionally.

I suppose the pressure to stay in shape lessens when you’re behind the camera. On-camera is when you’re literally getting paid to look good. While behind the camera work sees the craft services table at your beck and call while you sit in a dark room, watching a movie all day long. Unrelated: Favreau’s last hit was playing a chef who fulfils his dreams of owning a successful food cart business. It’s like he’s trying to tell us something.

From cut abs to just looking like she got cut way too many times. These days Heidi Montag looks more machine than woman. Twisted and botoxed. The former naturally good looking actress is almost like the poster girl for surgery gone wrong. Although she could have a promising new career, she looks like she could easily star in her own reboot of ‘The Bionic Woman’.

We hope Montag realises she looks flawless as is, and that she doesn’t need all these plastic surgeries to feel beautiful.

Lindsay Lohan was a child actress who was hailed as the next Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson. Through the years she’s blossom from a cute girl to a sexy siren. Even her talents grew from actress to singer, but the changes didn’t stop there. Many stories of tantrums, drug use and general craziness led Lohan to look how she does today.

Like a car wreck that you try to look away from, but Hollywood insists that you keep staring and don’t you dare blink. Just for safety. As any instance not maintaining eye contact may make her ravage you in a banshee-like manner.

We hope Lohan finds herself back on the road for recovery soon, and comes back as the real star we all know she is.

Another case of surgery gone wrong, over and over again. Meg Ryan was the girl the world fell in love with in adorably likeable films such as ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’. Now though, she looks like she’s indulged in one too many impulsive surgical orders.

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