Verne Troyer Has The Purest Most Wonderful YouTube Channel

I don’t remember how or when exactly, but I do know that recently I was introduced to Verne Troyer’s YouTube channel. Put simply, it was life changing.

Obviously you know Verne Troyer from Austin Powers, and he played Griphook in the the first Harry Potter movie (honestly I didn’t know that and when I found out was griphshook).

But TBH no role is as good as the role of himself, on YouTube. Ok Mini Me was iconic and will never be forgotten but also I’ll never forget Verne making a giant ice cream sandwich so there’s that! Let me show you.

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But first — a confession. I know I’m late to the party. Verne has been ‘tubin for two years and I basically just found out. The truth is I don’t want anyone else to go through life not knowing the way I did. That’s why we are talking about it here today. So anyway here is the first vid he uploaded. It’s only 19 seconds long. Perfect!

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And I’m very serious when I say that all the other videos are fantastico *kisses hand like an Italian chef*!

He does things like take us on a tour of his house and his whips:

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And also tours of his trailer. He calls the toilet the “crapper” by the way:

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And his stuff just keeps gettin’ better and better.

He learned how to scooter with a kid who does xtreme scooting.

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He fell but he got back up again which was inspiring.

He learned how to fly drones, which is cool because drones are neat:

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And he talked about his car and showed us how he drives it. It was interesting AND educational!

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But recently he has really stepped up his game with some cooking tutorials. In this vid Verne shows us how to make his favorite sandwich, Peanut Butter and Jelly on toast with eggs. Sounds gross, but Verne likes it so I’m down with it.

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And in this one he shows us how to make a giant ice cream sandwich. It’s simple and informative. Also very thorough. Give this man a food network show!!!

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OH yah and I can’t forget about the time that he kissed a wolf.

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Basically you should watch Verne Troyer’s YouTube videos. It will make you a better person and the world a brighter place.




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